Season 2, Episode 11: Alex Mathenge

Alex Macharia, better known by his pseudonym, Mathenge, is a creative maestro best known as a voice talent behind the wildly successful political satire show, XYZee. He is also a stage comedian on Kenya Corner, a Radio show host on Q FM and a creative writer known to write copy for ads, scripts and is a writer for Business Magazine.

He was drawn to acting and the arts from a young age and despite having a degree in Education, he decided to pursue acting and creative writing as a career.  He also owns a company, Mizuqa Entertainment, an event management company that boasts of noteworthy clients such as, Family bank, Nation Media Group and National Cereals and Produce Board to name a few.

 Alex Mathenge is passionate about acting and creativity. In his University days, he was part of the Kenyatta University Travelling theatre and cites author, Kinyanjui Kombani as one of his mentors. He is currently penning a book that will explore the theme of political comedy and satire. He is a committed husband and a father of two young children.

Season 2, Episode 10: Jaimey Muigai
Jamey Muigai is a seasoned businessman whose first job after college was as a mechanic in the Ministry of Transport. He has since become an owner and director of a number of successful businesses. He opened “The Hood” a popular bar and restaurant in Kilimani in the house that he once grew up in. He also manages the Cameo Cinema Building and has his hands in the insurance business as a director of Shield Insurance

Season 2, Episode 9: Jonas Gejke

Jonas Gejke is a 42-year old restaurateur who moved to Kenya from Sweden 20 years ago. Since settling and marrying in Kenya, he has deftly mastered the art of juggling a number of successful companies and ventures. He owns Moniko’s a popular restaurant in the heart of greater Nairobi whose focus is on serving sumptuous, healthy meals. The restaurant also has a successful outside-catering division.

Part of his time is spent running Peaks and Safaris, a tour company that operates regionally out of Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania and Rwanda. He is also a working director for Hot Air Safaris, which provides hot-air balloon safari tours in the and runs two camps situated in Meru National Park and the Maasai Mara.

He is an industrious and devoted father of three who loves to ride his bike in locations all across the world. He cites exercise, staying active and cooking with his children as some of the things that he is very passionate about. His interest in the food business sprung from one summer spent working in a restaurant in his youth. He has since invested heavily in the industry and has managed to achieve immense success in all his ventures.

Season 2, Episode 8: Martin Munyua

If there ever was a seasoned, innovative Kenyan virtuoso in the field of filmmaking, that person is Martin Munyua. He is a renowned filmmaker whose experience spans 20 years. During this time he has honed his skills as an Editor, Director and Cinematographer. In the course of his stellar career, he has collected a number of notable awards such as the DISCOP Africa 2012 Formats Competition winner and the Kalasha Award for best cinematographer in 2011. He has had his name tagged to a number of noteworthy productions such as Redikyulass, Project Daddy, The Rugged Priest, Malooned just to name a few. He is also known to work on TV Commercials and Documentaries.
In his free time, he loves to play golf, preferably with friends. He is also a simulator pilot and has had a long-standing affinity for music. In his younger days, he was a rhythm guitarist in various bands and continues to strum a tune once in a while.
He is a loving husband and a father of three girls.

Season 2, Episode 7: Eric Wainaina

You may know him as Kenya’s most gifted artistic export. Eric Wainaina has wowed local and international audiences alike with his musical talent for an impressive 20 years.
He once entertained ambitions of pursuing a career in medicine before he discovered music and fell in love with the art form. In his youth, he, along with some friend formed the wildly popular acapella music group, 5 Alive. He has churned out 3 successful music albums and is responsible for penning the critically acclaimed play Mo Fire that has been met with enthusiasm in Nairobi and New York.
Besides his career and status as a public figure and musical genius, he is involved in giving back to society in his capacity as a good Will Ambassador for UNEP and as a messenger of non-violence for the United Nations on drugs and crime.

He is an alumni of St. Mary’s School and is arguably Kenya’s most famous musician. His talent and humility are the most striking things about him. He is incredibly passionate about his family and his career in the music industry. He cites being able to take risks and of his biggest professional strengths. He has had a number of successful hits and is still remains true to the cause of producing quality music that a wide range of audiences will love.

Season 2, Episode 6: Amit Tyagi

Amit Tyagi is a talented, award-winning Filmmaker who creates content that tells the stories of the real Africa including those of Indians who are resident on the continent.He is a writer and film director who emigrated to Kenya in the nineties to pursue his passion for telling stories through film. He is best known for a number of projects including Close-up Dance Mania, Chakula Bora and Muigwithania to name a few. He works jointly with his wife who has produced a number of his projects.
He owns his own production house, Themescape Media that churns out successful content in various forms including documentaries, TV Shows and Feature Films. These have been sold locally, regionally and internationally.
He is famously known for writing and directing the historical film, Muigwithania, a story crafted around what was like in pre-independent Kenya in 1954 for a Kenyan-born Indian.
His short film, ‘Camel, Goats and Books’ won international recognition from UNESCO in a global competition. The French Government also awarded him for his work on ‘The Encounter” a short film about sub-Saharan Africa.
He founded the Pamoja Film initiative, a film club that served as a vehicle to promote films and facilitate discussions about them.
He has been married for 28 years and is a father to an adult son.

Season 2, Episode 5: Amaar Slatch

He is a sportsman that carries the Kenyan flaf high in the world of motorsport. He started out as a helper at a very young age and rose through the ranks to join a rallying service crew and today He is Kenya’s champion navigator Ammar Slatch. Together with his partner, Ian Duncan, he has won the Kenya National Rally Championship several times, most recently in 2011.
Ammar is a fourth generation Kenyan of Indian descent who grew up in Kenya and studied Business Marketing. He has worked at a bank and was fundamental in the starting of East FM, the first Asian radio station in Kenya. He chose to leave mainstream employment to pursue his passion in rallying where has been a top notch navigator for 20 years.
He is also a savvy businessman who owns Automart Group Ltd. This company is involved in the automotive line of business including import and distribution of specialized motor parts and recently diversified into distribution of outdoor equipment and camping gear.
He cites outdoor cooking as one of his favourite pastimes and is a husband and father of two children.

Amaar excels at rally driving and is doubtlessly Kenya’s top Navigator. He has been co-driver to Ian Duncan for 9 years and cites their friendship and mutual trust as the reason why their partnership works so well. He is the head of a successful business and in his free time, loves to cook.

Season 2, Episode 4: Kwame Nyong’o

Kwame Nyong’o is a multi-talented creative maestro who is known to wear numerous artistic hats. He is passionate about art, showcasing African culture and about giving the world a more authentic view of life on the African continent.He started a successful animation company, Apes In Space in 2009 that has since grown to be the top business supplying animated content to Ad Agencies and a number of corporate clients.He is a talented writer whose children’s book, A Tasty Maandazi is immensely popular in bookshops and on Amazon. Kwame is also a gifted filmmaker and has produced The Legend of Ngong Hills, a short mythical film about how the Ngong Hills were created.
He is an avid music enthusiast and a gifted classical musician who learned to play the cello at a very young age. Today, he regularly plays with the Nairobi Orchestra. He is a loving husband and a committed father to one son.

Season 2, Episode 3: Brian Longwe

He is the continent’s top ICT guru. As a founder of TESPOC, the Telecommunications Service Providers of Kenya, Brian Longwe worked tirelessly towards the liberation of Kenya’s telecommunication sector and was rewarded by seeing this sector become the open market that it is today. He is responsible for setting up critical internet infrastructure in the East African region, DRC, Mozambique, Nigeria, Nepal, Thailand and Singapore. He has earned recognition for his ICT expertise and boasts of accolades such as ‘The ICT Guru of the Year 2007’ where he was inducted into the national ICT Hall of Fame. He was also named the Top ICT businessman in Africa by the ‘ICT Africa Achievers Award’
He is an avid reader, golfer and biker who is deeply commited towards supporting the church’s work. He is also the father of three children.

Season 2, Episode 2: Yaki Lopez

Deputy Israeli Ambassador He is a respected diplomat whose service to his country can only be termed as admirable and dedicated. He serves as the deputy ambassador of Israel to Kenya; a mission that is charged with serving Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Malawi and the Seychelles. Yaki comes from a long, prestigious line of career diplomats who have served their country in various capacities across the world. As is the norm with all Israeli nationals, he has served in his country’s He is a graduate in Business Management from the University of Maryland and is a licensed investment advisor in Israel. As the son of an ambassador, he has lived in a number of cities across the world and thus, he is uncannily fluent in Hebrew, English, German and Spanish.Despite his packed schedule, he prioritizes making time for his family. He is a former basketball player, an avid reader and a seasoned cook.

Season 2, Episode 1: Kanjii Mbugua

As far as artistes go, few can equal Kanjii Mbugua in terms of longevity, talent, conviction and steadfastness in faith. He is a gifted performer and musician who has toured the world as part of the group Milele and as a solo artist. He is passionate about his faith and is a staunch believer that the church lends purpose to a person’s life. He is one of the founders of Mavuno Church where he leads its renowned worship session every Sunday. while he is best known for his creative side and vocal talent, Kanjii is also an astute businessman and the cEo of Kijiji Entertainment. Kanji has in the course of ten years grown Kijijij from a boutique record label that has produced Jazz stars like Hellon, Aaron Rimbui, Dan Chizzi and Juliani to a multi-faceted entertainment business venture that is involved in theatre film, video, music and event production. The business has grown to be a preferred event production company for various top-tier corporate clients such as General Motors (EA)Ltd, Kenya Commercial Bank, Safaricom Ltd, International Commission of Jurists and Virgin Atlantic just to name a few. He has also successfully dabbled in content creation and is currently producing a soon-to-be-launched TV Show.
He is a committed father and a loving father of two lovely children


Episode 14: Jacob Okello

Jacob Okello is a trained hotelier but is passionate about the world of golf. He is Kenya’s biggest pro-golf export and is responsible for starting and managing the Jockey-Club golf course. It is a course that is open to the public that my not have access to country-club golf courses. He is a devoted father of two.

Episode 13: Kinyanjui Kombani

Kinyanjui Kombani is a man whose life is an inspiration to many. He rose from a humble background and once peddled knives in a small town to earn a living. Today he is a respected banker, a successful entrepreneur, a qualified business trainer and is most popularly known for his successes as an author. His novel, The Last Villains of Molo is a narrative born out of Kinyanjui’s experiences both in Molo and Ng’ando, the Nairobi slum he lived in for 5 years, and research into the events that led to the 1992 ethnic clashes. Kinyanjui’s other works include: Wangari Maathai: Mother of Trees (Longhorn Publishers), We Can Be Friends (Longhorn Publishers) and Mizoga, a film produced for the Born Free Foundation.

Episode 12: Tosh Gitonga

Tosh Gitonga is one of Kenya’s premier film industry exports. He cut his teeth in the local film as a Production Asistant and rose through the ranks to become a talented and in-demand director. He is best known for his work on the MNET series, Changes and more famously, Nairobi Half Life. The latter work saw him heralded by IMDB as on of the top 50 black filmmakers in the world. He also owns a Production Company, Film Crew in Africa through which he lends his creative flair to TV Commercials and Film Projects. He is a proud father of two.

Watch Episode 12 here

Episode 11: PLO Lumumba

PLO Lumumba is often regarded as one of the greatest orators of his time. His uncanny ability to evoke emotion and awe through speech has earned him comparisons to the late Dr. Martin Luther King. He is an extraordinary legal mind and is an Advocate of the High Court of Kenya. He heads his own law form, Lumumba Law Advocates. He sits on numerous boards including Makini Schools and the Institute for Education in Democracy (IED). He is a staunch Christian who strongly believes in ethical business practices and modules.  He is also the former czar of the Kenya Anti-Corruption Commission (now Ethics and Corruption Commission). That aside, PLO is a dedicated family man: a father of two: the lawyer is also exceptional at cooking.

Watch Episode 11 here

Episode 10: Patrick Naggi

Patrick Naggi is a veteran national soccer player who hung up his boots to join the management of Kenyan football. He is currently the Technical Director and Education Officer of the Football Kenya Federation (FKF). The demands of his work require constant travel to conduct football training programmes for children and youth all over Africa. He is also a trainer for the Confederation of African Football (CECAFA) and FIFA. Among his interests is an avid passion for photography. He is a proud father of 5 adult children

Watch Episode 10 here

Episode 9: Tony Onyango

He is commonly regarded as humourous, blunt and extroverted. Tony Onyango is a man of incredible wit and enterprise whose ambition is exceeded only by his unwavering loyalty and passion or his work, family and friends. He is a trained lawyer and an Auto-Recoveries Manager at Barclays Bank. He is also a young entrepreneur and a real estate developer who has a vision of home ownership for the average Kenyan. Through his company, Maboma, he has sought to construct affordable holiday homes that are priced within the reach of the young professional Kenyan. He is a rugby veteran and a former Chairman of the Mean Machine Rugby Club. To his credit, he is also the co-founder of the Ministry of Rugby; the largest Kenyan Rugby fan-base that brings together rugby aficionados from all over the world. Despite his numerous ventures and restricting schedule, he remains focused on raising his 5 year old son.

Watch Episode 9 here

Episode 8: David Muriithi

Variously described as ebullient, outgoing, funny, passionate, hardworking and dynamic, David Muriithi has deftly mastered the art of successfully juggling his numerous projects and endeavors. He shelved his auditing career to pursue his interests as a realtor, talent and event manager, music promoter and DJ and Managing Director of the Creative Enterprise Centre, a capacity-building centre whose programs are specifically tailored to cultivate professionalism within the creative industry. He is also a board member on The Kenya Copyright Board. As his alter ego, the popular and much sought-afterDJ D-Lite, David fulfills his life-long passion for music. His other interests are incontrovertible proof that he is the perfect breed between a creative mind and an intellectual one. These include intellectual property rights, business planning, training and financial management. He is a committed husband and father to three lovely children.

Watch Episode 8 here

Episode 7: Alex Nyaga

Alex Nyaga is a hands-on leader, a brilliant thinker and a CEO who is passionate about his work, his staff and his family. He is the Group CEO of the Parapet Group and Head of the cleaning division (Parapet Cleaning Services). Alex is responsible for steering the company to success and profitability since it’s inception 14 years ago. He has built up a professional brand with strong business ethics and effective, efficient leadership. Today, Parapet Cleaning Services is one of the premier cleaning service companies in the region and one of the Top 100 mid-sized companies in Kenya. Besides his professional accolades, Alex is an active philanthropist and currently serves as the Country Chair to the Rotary Club of Kenya and is a Trustee with the Kenya Youth Business Trust. As a Swiss trained Hotel Management expert, Alex is doubtlessly an expert in the kitchen. He frequently whips up sumptuous meals for his wife and two sons.

Watch Episode 7 here

Episode 6: Dr. Sam Thenya

Dr. Sam Thenya is a dedicated and successful Ob/Gyn.
He is the CEO and Founder of the Nairobi Women’s Hospital which caters exclusively to the needs of women. It is the first of it’s kind in the East African region He is responsible for setting up the charitable Gender Violence Recovery Centre, which provides specialized medical treatment and psychosocial support to survivors of sexual abuse and domestic violence. He is passionate about providing high quality medical care through his chain of hospitals. He is also a devoted husband and father.

Watch Episode 6 here

Episode 5: Bryan Smallz

Brian Smallz is the well-connected persona behind the indomitable brand that is Blackstar Entertainment. He is well known in Entertainment Industry circles as a disarmingly charming but incredibly business-savvy entrepreneur. His outfit is a multimedia company that specializes in a myriad of fields such as event organization, film production and a DJ unit known as Flava Unit Dj’s. He is also the father of one young son.

Watch Episode 5 here

Episode 4: Salim Amin

Salim Amin is an established name in the world of media. He is the man at the helm of Camerapix, a global media enterprise with offices in London and across Africa, the Chairman of the Mohammed Amin Foundation and the founder of A24 media, a venture that has enjoyed a meteoric rise to success since it’s inception. It is the first 24-hour Pan-African News and Current Affairs Channel. He is the scion of the revered, award winning photo-journalist, Mohammed Amin. Despite the demands of his various positions, family to him is of paramount importance. He is a proud father of two girls.

Watch Episode 4 here

 Episode 3: Mwaniki Mageria

Mwaniki Mageria is an industrious, savvy and well-connected
impresario. He is the Head of Logistics and Operations on the Martha Karua Presidential Campaign. Additionally, he is a seasoned Film Producer and Distributor whose niche is championing the cause of local, homegrown content. Through his company, Balozi Productions, he founded the Sunflower Kids Club, a Christian-based conduit for children to nurture their talent in performing arts. Mwaniki is a proud father to 3 teenage daughters.

Watch Episode 3 here

Episode 2: Sasha Mutai

Sasha Mutai is a man to whom many prestigious titles apply. He is an immensely successful entrepreneur who has his foot firmly planted on the local property market. He is an astute Quantity Surveyor, the Registrar of the Architectural Association of Kenya and a partner at Integrated YMR Partnership. He has a myriad of successful projects under his professional belt: These include a sizable homes project for the Windsor Golf and Country Club. Besides his professional achievements, Sasha has long been a household name in the world of rugby. He is the Vice Chairman of  the Kenya Rugby Union and successfully chaired the board charged with organizing the recently concluded Safari Sevens. He is a doting father to one little girl. His friends know him as a seasoned barbeque host. He is also known to whip up a delectable batch of pancakes from time to time.

Watch Episode 2 here

Episode 1: Peter Nduati

Peter Nduati is the definition of a successful and eclectic entrepreneur. He is a chartered insurer and the brains behind the far reaching Resolution Health East Africa. He sits on a number of company boards and is the owner of Pine Creek Records which is renowned for churning out music sensations such as Mr. Lenny and Atemi. When this erstwhile rugby player is away from work, he might be spotted pitch-side at a rugby game or on the race course watching his horses race. He is a devoted and doting father to two daughters and one son: And yes, this Dad Can Cook!

Watch Episode 1 here

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